[Gasification] FW: Gasification internship opportunity in Philippines

Paul Anderson psanders at ilstu.edu
Tue May 1 19:34:09 CDT 2018

Doug and all,

You can count me as  "in" to assist where appropriate.   Main topics for 
me include:

A.  The production of electricity via char-gasification gases into IC 

B.  To better understand the amounts of heat wanted for the drying 

C.  Need to know about the types and amounts of biomass.

This Gasification Listserv is certainly a good place to have further 


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On 5/1/2018 4:40 PM, Doug wrote:
> Hi Gasification Colleagues,
> While we can "collectively" offer Mr Feinstein just about everything 
> for his project from a commercial perspective, his project description 
> clearly states that they wish to develop cheap low cost solutions to 
> become locally manufactured. These are the things that bother me 
> regarding their concept objectives.
> 1. If he imports a Intern Engineer for $500 a month, just how much 
> real value could this person offer for such a short term contract?
> 2. Making charcoal, no problem, but easiest and cheapest option 
> reduces waste heat collection or close coupled combustion for driers.
> 3. Quality of charcoal for power generation is OK for the cheapest 
> char making option, but this is not the quality found in activated carbon.
> 4. Steam is required for blanching the product, so a low cost boiler 
> is a necessity, along with water treatment, the main factor of boiler 
> efficiency, even cheap ones.
> 5. Steam blanching has an issue of toxic waste water, and in a rural 
> location, ground water will become contaminated unless treated. Do 
> they know about this and who will monitor the ground water?
> 6. Maybe activated carbon can be used to clean up the waste stream, 
> but it would be purchased, as a cheap char option does not create the 
> type of temperature or steam pressures to make it.
>  7. No indicative amount of power generation is stated, but one might 
> think it would be at least 15-20 kWe given that motor start-ups on oil 
> extruder's etc, need power generation reserves. Cheap generators can 
> be an expensive low cost solution, especially if any computers become 
> part of the process.
> Start-up rural projects like this have a history which tell us not to 
> reinvent the wheel yet once again. The easiest way to do this is to 
> offer unpaid enthusiastic help to the selected engineering graduate, 
> and this open Gasification list offers a good way to do it., So who is 
> in, what can you offer Mr Feinsteins team?
> Doug Williams,
> Fluidyne.
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