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Gasification 2019 Summit with Exclusive Site Visit - Secure Your Pass Today!



Maximising Commercial Successes in Gasification by Enhancing Efficiency and 

Ensuring Compliance



ACI is delighted to announce Norbert Schmitz, Managing Director of ISCC as a speaker at our  <http://go2.wplgroup.net/click/fhey-wollb-i090ly-9hp99c26/> Gasification 2019 Summit, taking place in Brussels, Belgium 
on the 13th – 14th March 2019.

Norbert presentation will be titled, "Sustainability Certification of Gasification Based Bio-Chemicals & Bio-Products"  

- Legal requirements in the EU & challanges

- Sustainability certification for output products

- Future markets for the utilization of outputs

- Practical examples of certified outputs

For More Information & Registration, Email: <mailto:mahsan at acieu.net?subject=ECGe8%20info%20&%20registratio>    <mailto:mahsan at acieu.net?subject=ECGe8%20info%20&%20registration> Mohammad  <mailto:mahsan at acieu.net?subject=ECGe8%20info%20&%20registration> Ahsan
on +44 (0) 203 141 0606

Other Confirmed Speakers Include:
Marion Maheut, Process Engineer, Engie

Berend J. Vreugdenhil, Innovation Manager Gasification, ECN

Jaap Kiel,  Programme Development Manager Biomass, ECN
Michael Hecquet, R&D Program Coordinator, TOTAL RC On Behalf of Bionext

Paul Winstanley,  Project Manager – CCS & Bioenergy, Energy Technologies Institute

Reinhard Rauch, Professor For Chemical Conversion Of Renewable Energy, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 

Joakim Lundgren, Director & Assoc. Professor, Swedish Centre For Biomass Gasification & Luleå University of Technology

Martin Seemann, Project Manager, Chalmers

Jitka Hrbek, Senior Scientist, Vienna University of Technology, IEA Bioenergy Task 33

Chris Higman,  Principal, Higman Consulting GmbH

Rikard Gebart,  Professor, Energy Engineering, Luleå University of Technology

Lillian Van Den Bos,  Business Developer Renewable Gas,  Gasunie

Pierre Evrard ,  Sales Manager,  XYLOWATT SA

Sébastien  Franck ,  Technical Director,  Pyrogasification Club

Krzysztof Kapusta ,  Head of Laboratory For Experimental Installations,  Clean Coal Technology Centre

Daan Peters ,  Associate Director,  Navigant

Sebastian Fendt , Group Leader, Technical University of Munich - Institute For Energy Systems

Tobias Ginsberg, Research And Development,  RWE Power AG
Guillaume Cheviron, R&D Manager, Axens on Behalf of Bionext

Robert Schouwenaar ,  Team Lead E&D Gasification and Hydrogen Manufacturing, Shell


 <mailto:mahsan at acieu.net?subject=ECGe7%20information%20> Request Agenda Here


Two Exclusive Site Visits: 

BioTfuel - Tuesday, 12th March 2019



During the afternoon of 12th of March 2019 up to 30 conference attendees will receive a unique opportunity to visit BioTfueL, a project to produce biofuels via thermochemical conversion. 

BioTfueL, a project to produce biofuels via thermochemical conversion
The BioTfueL project launched by Axens, Avril, CEA, IFPEN, Total and ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions is designed to convert lignocellulosic biomass (crop and forest residues, dedicated energy crops) into biofuels via torrefaction, gasification and Fischer Tropsch. The consortium’ goal is to develop an end-to-end set of processes for producing 
high quality drop-in fuels.

The BioTfueL project is focused on developing an innovative and integrated process for converting biomass into naphtha, jet fuel and diesel. Torrefaction and gasification make it possible (…) and energy crops. The process can also convert fossil feedstock mixed with biomass (economy of scale, season variations in resource availability). The resulting drop-in fuels have premium quality in term of technical and environmental performances (renewables, 0 sulfur, 0 olefins, 0 aromatics). The set of processes developed by BioTfueL will transposable on an industrial scale at the end of the project.

XYLOWATT’s NOTAR® - Thursday, 14th March 2019


During the afternoon of 14th of March 2019 up to 30 conference attendees will receive a unique opportunity to visit XYLOWATT’s  NOTAR® gasifier in  Mont-Godinne, the FIRST BELGIAN BIOMASS GASIFICATION TRIGENERATION UNIT

XYLOWATT’s NOTAR® gasifer is the sole industrial reactor that produces clean syngas without any tar residue. Their Biomass to Energy plants produce renewable energy from natural and recycled woodchips. Combined with a trigeneration engine, our NOTAR® sites can supply you with electricity, heat and cold 24/7. If renewable energy and biomass gasifcation are of any interest to you, come have a tour of  the FIRST BELGIAN BIOMASS GASIFICATION TRIGENERATION UNIT, and discover their turnkey project implemented in Mont-Godinne.

**There is no extra charge to attend the site visit, but spaces are limited and allocated on a first come first served basis. Please register your attendance for the site visit when booking for the conference. 



Register Now To Secure Your Pass

Standard Price: £1695 (+VAT if applicable)


 <http://go2.wplgroup.net/click/fhey-wollb-i090lz-9hp99c27/> Register Online Here


1.	Select the ticket and click Buy Now
2.	At the checkout page you firstly tick “Yes” to the question if you are a business outside UK “Are you a business from outside the UK?” and fill in your company’s VAT/ registration number 
3.	Complete the rest of the details
4.	Mention “ECGe8Ahsan” in Additional Information/Order Notes
5.	Once we receive your online booking, I will send you the receipt

For More Information & Registration, Email:  <mailto:mahsan at acieu.net?subject=ECGe8%20info%20&%20registratio> Mohammad Ahsan
or Call +44 (0) 203 141 0606 



Key Topics:


*	Drivers for the Gasification Industry – EU Regulations, Directives & Energy Demand: Future Forecast for Gasification Technology
*	Latest Gasification Breakthrough Technologies
*	Status of Demonstration Projects – Latest Project Updates
*	Key Products Derived from Gasification Process
*	Gasification-Based Cogeneration
*	Gasification Based Bio-chemicals & Bio-products
*	Research & Development in the Labs & Research
*	Gasification for Heat & Power
*	Waste Gasification: Status Updates & Recent Developments
*	Coal Gasification: ‘Cleaning the Coal’ Industry


Who Will Attend?


Company Types: Energy Companies, Oil Refineries, Petrochemical Companies, Technical Service Providers, Consultants & Regulators.
Job Titles/Functions: Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Directors, Managers & Senior Engineers of: Gasification, Clean Coal Technology, Biomass, Research & Development, New Technologies, Renewable Strategy Sustainable Technologies, Environment, CO2/CCS, Business Development Manager.


Speaking Opportunities:

Contact:  Daniel Laverty
+44 (0) 203 141 0612
 <mailto:production at acieu.co.uk?subject=ECGe8%20Speaking%20oportunities> production at acieu.co.uk


Sponsor & Exhibiting Opportunities:

Contact: Timothy Rowley-Evans

+44 (0) 203 141 0614
 <mailto:sponsorship at acieu.co.uk?subject=ECGe8%20sponsorship%20opportunities> sponsorship at acieu.co.uk


 <mailto:sponsorship at acieu.co.uk?subject=ECGe7%20sponsorship%20opportunities> Conference Sponsors


 <mailto:sponsorship at acieu.co.uk?subject=ECGe7%20sponsorship%20opportunities> Conference Location 

 <mailto:sponsorship at acieu.co.uk?subject=ECGe7%20sponsorship%20opportunities> Brussels, Belgium




For More Information & Registration, Email:  <mailto:mahsan at acieu.net?subject=ECGe8%20info%20&%20registratio> Mohammad Ahsan
or Call +44 (0) 203 141 0606 















Biofuels & Biomass, 10 Gough Square, London
United Kingdom 



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