[Greenbuilding] Electrical line shading of solar PV modules

Nick Pyner npyner at tig.com.au
Wed Apr 13 19:39:27 CDT 2011

If you are referring to domestic power lines at that distance, what you say
has to be correct, and all this testing, theorising, and stuff about
inverters can only be written by people who never get to walk down the
street in the sunshine. It is quite clear to anybody who actually does, that
the shadow is all, or virtually all, penumbra - a phenonemon that nobody
seems to refer to. They will also note that the cables are in catenary -
another word that doesn't get much airing.

If you really want to test this, lay a sheet of white A4 paper on the ground
so that what shadow there is passes over it. Then post a 1000 word treatise,
complete with graphs and pictures, on what you see.

Those that really want to do that but live in areas deprived of sunshine
might find the following link helpful:


The cable responsible is a standard domestic 250v twisted pair crossing the
street at the normal regulation height.

Nick Pyner

Dee Why   NSW

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  It looks to me like for real world wire shadows from wires 20+ ft away
that the effect might be small to none.

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