[Greenbuilding] Exterior insulation retrofit

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Thanks Clarke,

The current lack of a space behind our siding like you describe probably accelerated our paints deterioration....

But we still just don't like the idea of paint.....

Paint jobs seem to last 10 years at most...I've seen untreated cedar shingle houses 30 years old and still in great shape....and we happen to like the weathered look....

Not defending our choice...just explaining what has gone into our thinking so far.  Would love to be corrected if wrong.....

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Paint will stay not peel off if you can leave some space behind the  
siding, making it a vented rain-shield.
I also feel that paint put on with a brush sticks better then  
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On Apr 28, 2011, at 8:45 AM, bill.allen at verizon.net wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am researching a project for my single family home. Classic 1926  
> stick construction. Zero insulation in the walls...time yet again  
> for an external paint job. Would really appreciate comments on the  
> following plan:
> We never want to paint again...are thinking of natural cedar  
> shingle siding, maybe with preservative but otherwise left  
> natural.  Don't like the embodied energy in the various cement  
> siding solutions....alternatives?
> While the siding is down, fill the wall cavities with cellulous  
> from the outside.
> Replace original double hung windows with new construction  
> insulated, R-5 if we can afford it, windows mounted "innie" on the  
> plane of the original dimensional 1x lumber t+g sheathing.
> Add external insulation....rigid styrofoam.  Since there is no  
> interior vapor barrier (plaster on wood lathe), I am worried about  
> the dew point ending up in the center of the wall...therefore, per  
> the building science article, add 4" of styrofoam to the outside to  
> keep the dew point external of the sheathing.
> Will require careful details at windows and other penetrations.
> Big job...has anyone done this?  Any comments on any part of the  
> above would be most welcomed.
> Thanks,
> Bill
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