[Greenbuilding] best lumber for raised vegetable beds

Tim Vireo Keating t.keating at rainforestrelief.org
Thu Apr 28 08:39:49 PDT 2011

Given that true RPLs cost about the same as Trex, I wouldn't 
recommend it. I have seen some real problems with it, both regarding 
stability and durability.

tim keating

At 3:11 PM -0400 4/15/11, Ron Cascio wrote:
>I used the original formulation Trex as corner boards and facia on 
>our old home when we did some exterior remodeling some 15 years or 
>so ago, and the stuff has had no degradation at all from what I can 
>see. Even in the outside shower where it is under continually wet 
>conditions for a good part of the year.
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>Trex will not last 'forever' nor, according to Trex, even more than 
>10 years (I believe that is the length of their warranty - but I may 
>be wrong about that, as they've worked with their formula over the 
>years).by the US Army Corps of Engineers for bridges that can 
>accommodate tanks and even locomotives.
>tim keating
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