[Greenbuilding] Exterior insulation retrofit

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Thanks Jason,

We are just above NYC.

I'm hoping to execute this summer so a material that's hard to get scares me...will look into it though.

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Where are you located? Depending on availability, consider Roxul ComfortBatt
rockwool in the cavity. And on the outside sub the foam for Roxul¹s new
rigid board products from their commercial lines:

We¹re really high on these products to replace the emboddied costs of foams
and the overall performance characteristics of the rockwool.  They also have
a drainboard for wrapping subgrade foundations. BTW ­ any feedback or
experience from others on these boards?

The thing is availability in US is still sketchy. We¹re working on picking
it up but it¹s been a slow process.

Otherwise ­ the trickiest part of your plan is probably the details,
corners, joints and connections as you mention.

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On 4/28/11 8:45 AM, "bill.allen at verizon.net" <bill.allen at verizon.net> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am researching a project for my single family home. Classic 1926 stick
> construction. Zero insulation in the walls...time yet again for an external
> paint job. Would really appreciate comments on the following plan:
> We never want to paint again...are thinking of natural cedar shingle siding,
> maybe with preservative but otherwise left natural.  Don't like the embodied
> energy in the various cement siding solutions....alternatives?
> While the siding is down, fill the wall cavities with cellulous from the
> outside.
> Replace original double hung windows with new construction insulated, R-5 if
> we can afford it, windows mounted "innie" on the plane of the original
> dimensional 1x lumber t+g sheathing.
> Add external insulation....rigid styrofoam.  Since there is no interior vapor
> barrier (plaster on wood lathe), I am worried about the dew point ending up in
> the center of the wall...therefore, per the building science article, add 4"
> of styrofoam to the outside to keep the dew point external of the sheathing.
> Will require careful details at windows and other penetrations.
> Big job...has anyone done this?  Any comments on any part of the above would
> be most welcomed.
> Thanks,
> Bill
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