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Here’s some reasons in favor of line drying:


The site, which is an advocacy site for line drying of clothes, is likely to have other resources that would help you.  see also http://laundry.about.com/od/ecofriendlylaundry/u/Green-Your-Laundry-Routine.htm .  Note that clothes dryers represent a fire risk which cause thousands of fires every year.  

Some resources for line drying equipment --


Finally, you could try to find others who would like to do this, who have less of a troublemaker rep, to make the proposal. Alternatively, you can charge in and make the case, while behind the scenes organizing support.  

Bob Waldrop, proud user of a Solar Clothes Dryer in Okie City

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by the way, the Rules Committee of our condo association is holding hearings on some revisions to the book of rules.  One rule forbids drying laundry on balconies.  The condo board, however, is becoming sensitive to the cost of energy, which represents 1/3 of operating costs.

By the same token, they are a stodgy lot, and have already pegged me as a trouble maker.  

In short, does anyone out there have knowledge of this issue has been contested, or of success stories, etc...


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