[Greenbuilding] firewood moisture content - a question for Norbertperhaps

Tim Vireo Keating t.keating at rainforestrelief.org
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I'm assuming that the heat 'lost' in the production of the steam is 
truly lost for the user only if the steam goes out the flue. If it 
goes into the room, wouldn't the steam than give back the heat to the 
room when the water vapor cools?

tim keating

At 9:27 AM -0500 12/12/11, Douglas E Lamb wrote:
>It produces steam not heat!
>Doug Lamb
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>Let us say I have a cord of firewood that registers 15% moisture 
>content, and a cord that registers 20% moisture, and one that 
>registers 25%.
>I burn the 15% cord and get XY BTUs/lb out of it.
>I burn the 20% cord and almost certainly get fewer BTU/lb out of it, 
>but how much less usable heat?
>And the same for the 25% cord?
>Put more succinctly, what is the penalty for having firewood that is 
>not quite dry?
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