[Greenbuilding] firewood moisture content - a question for Norbert perhaps

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> our house is therefore warmer than the others mentioned--at least the main
> room where the stove is located is.
Yes. The room in which our stove is can and usually does get about 20F
warmer/hotter than the other rooms toward the end of the fire. But this is
transitory and I pay less attention to that/don't make decisions about when
to let the fire go out based on the temp in the living room where the stove

>  I keep our fire going all the time but use about the same amount of wood
> each winter (as does Reuben who lives in a warmer place)

*This is intriguing to me. *We appear to use almost exactly the same amount
of wood per winter, yet
* your house is ~3x the size
* your HDD are ~20% more (it might be interesting to compare the HDD for
the heating season only)
* your method of heating/the length of time your fire is burning is
completely different
I'd like to get to the bottom of this. I have figured out that I do burn
quite a bit more wood per hour with the hotter fire, but I've also
calculated that (insulation aside) I get far more heat out of that quantity
of wood if I maintain a flue gas temperature of 600F rather than say 400F
or even 500F.

Can you say more about the temperature fluctuations (high, low,
distribution across the house, etc.)

> Burn from about the middle of Oct to middle of April.  This year started a
> bit later.
This sounds pretty comparable.
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