[Greenbuilding] firewood moisture content - a question for Norbert perhaps

Corwyn corwyn at midcoast.com
Sun Dec 18 17:28:12 PST 2011

On 12/18/2011 4:12 PM, Norbert Senf wrote:
> smoldering it, which you
> would be forced to do during low output unless you are willing to split
> your wood down to matchsticks and reload every 5 minutes.

These two conditions seem contradictory to me.  If you need low output, 
small wood (1" across) helps, since you don't want too burn much.  But 
if I need low output, I am reloading every couple DAYS not every couple 

Really, the tough situation for me is an evening when the inside 
temperature is 64F, the outside isn't predicted to go too low (say 40F), 
and an at home day (with sun) tomorrow.  Do I start a fire, and risk it 
being too warm (for me) to sleep, or let it go and risk being slightly 
cool tomorrow (since I feel silly lighting a fire on nice sunny days). 
The fire itself with be quick and (hopefully) hot, with small pieces and 
no reloading.

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