[Greenbuilding] firewood moisture content

nick pine nick at early.com
Tue Dec 20 06:47:36 PST 2011

Here's a condensing wood pellet boiler 
http://www.grantengineering.ie/product-area/grant-wood-pellet-boiler/ with 
97.4% efficiency.

Steve Grant says they would like to sell these in the US, after some testing 
and voltage changing...

John Gulland's website: http://woodheat.org/ says:

>Wood-fired stoves and fireplaces operate on natural draft, meaning that no 
>fans assist the flow of exhaust. For the chimney to function correctly, it 
>needs to receive about twenty percent of the heat energy produced by the 
>burning wood. Past experience has shown that when wood stove efficiency is 
>much over 80 per cent, water vapor condensation can begin to occur in 
>chimneys... Never starve your chimney of heat. It needs heat to function 

People used to say this about natural gas boilers until 1970 :-)


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