[Greenbuilding] Legionaires disease and water temperature

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Codes are rarely more relevant than factual information and often fly in the face of reality. Not sure if you have seen how codes and standards are made but it is often not very scientific. 
The 60 / 45 or 60/50 rule is in places like Ontario and Germany too. These are based on the kind of research in the article and are not bad for simple rules. 
The type of heating and the presence of copper and even flow rates all matter. 

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Here is one of the papers I mentioned on the study of water temperature and electric water heaters in particular and the risk of Legionnaires disease.

Prof. John Straube, Ph.D., P.Eng.
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Maybe more to the point than studies and Safe Kids Canada media campaigns, is what the codes say. In Australia, storage heaters have a minimum thermostat setting at 60, and tempering valves at 45 are required in all new construction. That has been the law for years and, somewhat ironically, I understand a lot of the research on which it is based came from Canada.

Nick Pyner

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