[Greenbuilding] Legionaires disease and water temperature

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  Nuts I say.


  Doctor: "Mr Deumling, you have a disease called liegionella. It's

  BILL Deumling:  "Jesus!. How the hell did I get that?"
  Doctor: "One way is by showering under water that has been stored at too
low a temperature"
  BILL Deumling: "Oh, no, that sounds like something like my greenbuilding
nutter cousin Reuben would do. He and his mates are into all that stuff,
and I spent a weekend at his place last Easter. I'll have to talk to him
about that"

  Doctor: "Don't bother. You already know he is a greenbuilding nutter. Talk
to your lawyer instead. He will talk to Reuben, and he will know exactly
what to say"

  Nick Pyner

  Dee Why   NSW

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