[Greenbuilding] Low powered (wattage) water heaters availablethrough Hydro Quebec

Nick Pyner npyner at tig.com.au
Sat Dec 31 18:10:23 PST 2011

Thanks Richard

It seems just a crazy concept, cloaked in gobbledygook. God only knows what
they thought of it at the ACEEE forum. But no surprise, after all, Hydro
Quebec are the guys that brought you this

ment.html  wonder if this link might have suffered in translation.

I tried to look further at the ACEEE forum, but found no debate or comment.
Perhaps there wasn't any.

Page 20 of the Ppt is particularly suss, and I suspect that this is all just
a vehicle for the Giant company to sell more gear with a minor benfit for
Hydro, who don't see actually thermselves as having a serious problem
anyway. If Hydro Quebec did have a problem they need to take seriously, they
would surely have off-peak residential tariffs.  It could be that they are
like the old Hydro Electric Commission in Tasmania who, up to the 1970s,
were not that seriously into the business of producing electricity. Their
main line of business was building dams.

I believe the water usage is very different from local patterns. I guess the
weather has a lot to do with that.

Nick Pyner

Dee Why   NSW
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  Powerpoint presentation on the new water heaters:

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