[Greenbuilding] spray foam/fiberglas

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Is it open or closed cell foam? 

I'd say if you about to install the finished ceiling, in upstate NY, you'd be served well to add as much of some form of insulation as you can. More details might help.

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  Asked this once before but didn't get any answers, so I'll try again...
  Had spray urethane insulation installed in the cathederal ceiling of a small house being renovated (upstate NY).  The rafters were only 2x6 and the installers sprayed in 4", claiming that anything more wouldn't be of benefit.  So, there will be about 1.5" of space left between the urethane and the ceiling.  I'm wondering if it is worth filling that space with insulation (fiberglas or rockwool) or is that possibly asking for moisture problems?  In fact the house is pretty tight and pretty easy to heat, but I'm about to install the ceiling paneling and wonder if I might regret not filling all the space with insulation later...


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