[Greenbuilding] Fence posts--gravel or concrete

JOHN SALMEN terrain at shaw.ca
Tue May 10 18:45:01 PDT 2011

I hadn't thought of precasting but I like that they are using tubes (much
more surface area). Would be hard to get the pad placement accurate I would
think on hard soils as the pounding loves to shift things. Looks like a
great product - ducks unlimited must love them for boardwalks.

The timber trellis structure at providence (including the rock bases) is
supported on pounded tripods (disturbed clay base) and I expected some
settlement over time but nothing over 6-7 years. I had hoped parks might get
interested in the approach but they seem to like heli lifting concrete.

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John's post reminded me of a company offering a pre-engineered post solution
for decks and elevated walk-ways: <http://www.pinfoundations.com/> 
Anyone use these? Minimal site disturbance is a good thing..

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