[Greenbuilding] old wood windows (was Exterior insulation retrofit)

John Beeson - Sunny Side Up emailme0617 at yahoo.com
Thu May 12 13:38:03 PDT 2011

Yes, Great idea, Anne!

I have actually been using a rope that looks like the old ropes used, but it has 
a wire core so even if the ropes degraded, the wire would still hold for some 

But I like that idea of the pipe!  I did Reuben's idea and the weights ran 
closer together, clanging each other more frequently.

Now, I may even be inspired to finish the last three windows I have to do... of 
course, I may now end up going back to the old ones to fulfill the pipe idea 



> I cut rigid foam strips that enclosed the weights, leaving a column in which 
>they could travel. I sealed the edges with caulk and covered it up with 
>sheetrock. I doubt this is the best way, but it was not difficult. 

I've believe I've heard of someone putting in a pipe for the weight(s) to run 
in, then foaming around that.  Probably a good idea to switch to sash chain 
first as I would imagine it wouldn't be easy to access the weight pocket after 

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