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Stephen Collette stephen at yourhealthyhouse.ca
Tue May 17 05:41:01 PDT 2011

Here is a link (hopefully it's not scrubbed) on hot water recirculating pumps. Seems according to Pablo, they do not add up. I have one and unplugged mine as I thought (not verified, but eyeballing my electricity bill and guesstimating) that it was costing too much to run. I would be curious about thoughts on this idea from others, as I know we have had discussions in the past on these units.


If the link is scrubbed, please go to treehugger . com and search ask pablo - hot water recirculating pumps, and you should find it hopefully. or drop this on the end of it. /files/2011/05/ask-pablo-hot-water-recirculation-pump.php



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