[Greenbuilding] flooring for exercise room with radiant slab

Brian Milani bmilani at web.ca
Wed May 18 10:37:20 PDT 2011


Our newly-lowered basement has a radiant slab, and we're real happy with 
the polishing job that serves as the floor finish for all other rooms on 
that level.
But we're turning one room into a meditation/exercise space, so we want 
a softer surface.  We won't be doing much high impact exercise---mainly 
tai chi, bagua, and standing meditation---but we do want some give to 
it, not too much harder than wood or lineoleum (which would be prime 
candidates if the room wasn't in the basement).
Until recently, I thought we'd put one of those floating cork-clik panel 
floors down---supplying resilience without compromising the radiant heat 
too much.   But recently a resilient flooring installer I met said that 
the cork-clik floor wouldn't be good for an exercise space because 
everything bears on the little tongues that connect the panels.  Is this 
Does anyone have a suggestion for an appropriate floor finish for a 
basement exercise room with a radiant slab?

Many thanks.
                              Brian M., Toronto

Brian Milani

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