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On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 11:05 AM, lee Weaver <lgweaver at gmail.com> wrote:

> >>I am not preoccupied with costs in financial terms as much as in the
> materials and energy that are ground up in the process. Low entropy isn't
> something you can buy back with money.
> This may be the statement that may "Shine a light"  for me.  Are there non
> sustainable materials used in purification?
yes, pretty much everything. How about the electricity to run pumps for
starters? The materials that are locked in every bit of infrastructure:
rubber, steel, aluminum, plastics, copper... take your pick. It is all being
mined and degraded and dispersed. Do you imagine that the rubber that wears
off the water bureau's truck's tires is collected, scraped off the asphalt,
and somehow allowed to reenter the tire-making process? We don't even do a
very good job of collecting the worn out tires themselves. Not to mention
the energy required to separate the steel belting out of the crumbly rubber.
You probably realize that the favorite poster child of the recycling
industry, the aluminum soft drink can, isn't actually recycled back into
aluminum soft drink cans? The alloy of the lid and the alloy of the rest of
the can are sufficiently different that when you smash them up you get an
alloy that is not useful to make either the lid or the can body. So, what
does the aluminum recycling industry make out of ground up soft drink cans?
Window frames that leak heat and engine blocks that disperse it.
Pass the entropy, please. I'd like another helping.

> I'm not worrying about the energy since i believe that we will soon solve
> the energy issues we have,  and finally break free of fossil fuel
> consumption.
Ah, I see. Yes, well.

Care to elaborate? Do you have a timetable in mind when you say 'soon'?
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