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Just google or wikipedia for stormwater and waste water treatment systems.
There are separate and combined sewer outflow systems‹most US systems are
the latter and are treacherous.

Do the same for a simple ³Water Cycle 101² introduction -- water is a
more-or-less a global closed loop but where water comes from is definitely
NOT the same place where it¹s used and NOT the same where it ends up.
California gets nearly all its water from Rocky and PNW mountains & glaciers
for agricultural uses that run-off from the farms ultimately into the
Pacific and/or urban treatment systems far from the H2O¹s use on the farm,
let alone birthplace in the Rockies.

The Navy courses are probably referring specifically to hazardous waste
mgmt, and on military installations will have very special needs for very
special chemicals‹and a variety of regs that require special performance
(and the Pentagon spends billions on half-assed environmental stewardship).

Like all utilities ­ water rates are subsidized, especially demand usage.

On 5/18/11 1:59 PM, "Reuben Deumling" <9watts at gmail.com> wrote:

> Oh, and one more thing we've touched on a few times but you haven't addressed.
> My understanding is that a goodly amount of the water currently pumped in the
> US is taken from aquifers and by and large the water is not returned there;
> the aquifers are not being replenished. Water tables are falling. Surely you
> don't believe that my or your municipal water rates include the costs
> (whatever those would be in this case) to undo this damage. I'm not even sure
> we know how to rectify this, and I know we aren't.
> Reuben Deumling
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