[Greenbuilding] Photovoltaic Life Expectancy

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I found this link to answer my own question.  Other comments and sources are 



PV warranties typically allow for 20 percent output degradation over the 
module's 20- to 25-year warranty life. But measurements of many modules put 
into service in the 1980s show that it's unusual to see even half that much 
degradation. Many of those earliest modules still perform to their original 
specifications. It is safe to say that modules carrying warranties of 20 
years or more have a high probability of working well 30 years from now.

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>I have been asked by a client what is reasonable expectation for life 
>expectancy of photovoltaic array.  We are considering an installation 
>similar to Gary's.
> http://builditsolar.com/Projects/PV/EnphasePV/Main.htm
> I would like to hear a discussion about durability.
> Thanks
> Eli
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