[Greenbuilding] fastening a subfloor over foam over a slab

JOHN SALMEN terrain at shaw.ca
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I remember replying to that. What did you end up doing with the floor?


The fhb link mentions 'damp concrete'.  I would love to know what that means
and how effective a piece of poly is supposed to be if the dampness is the
result of high groundwater. Water is going to migrate on top of the poly and
pool. At least the concrete will allow moisture to migrate as the
groundwater drops. Sounds like a sump might be more effective than poly.
Eps is nice as it can hold and release a certain amount of moisture and
while it  can be a vb depending on thickness it will allow some drying to
the interior. The ply is also a vb so I don't see the point of the poly
unless you are designing a radon barrier and that is a whole different


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here's the FHB link:

(it was posted back in April when i asked a similar question. see:
.org/2011-April/001224.html )


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> does anyone have a reliable spec for fastening a subfloor over foam, over
> slab? my recollection is that JLC or FHB had an article on this, but
> google it up.
> space is very tight in this case; allowing for 1" of xps, two cross plies
> 1/2" cdx, and finish flooring (tile on Ditra), to stay within code ceiling
> height...
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