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I think it's likely that the bugs survive.  Near the old Hanford nuclear
facility in Washington, they've found that the radioactivity of the soil had
declined, but there are marked hot spots where burrowing wasps live. The
wasps and their nests are more radioactive than the surrounding area, often
many times more radioactive, and they still appear to be functioning




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Would anyone know if Radioactive Compost kills garden pests faster than
consumers? American & Japanese health officials must, e.g.:  

    "Will someone explain how enclosing a radioactive compost facility will
remove radioactive groundwater plumes and prevent further contamination?
Recall, "Investigators looking into puzzlingly high radioactivity levels in
groundwater near a Yaphank compost facility will embark on a new round of
tests this week, officials said." (See "Further tests for Yaphank composting
site", June 13, 2011 by JENNIFER SMITH, NEWSDAY)

      Have puzzled officials measured the Cs-137 levels in LI Compost sold
at Home Depot as was done in Japan? 

      NOTE: "A resident in Akita Prefecture alerted the authorities when the
bag of leaf compost that he purchased from a local garden/home center
measured high in radiation with his portable survey meter. The authorities
tested the content of the bag, and it had 11,000 becquerels/kg of cesium. At
the garden/home center (2 locations) the air radiation 1 meter from the pile
of the leaf compost bags measured as high as 0.48 microsievert/hr." (From
"Japan: Radioactive Compost Has Already Spread Wide"
ady-spread-wide/) [Online Comment Re: "Limits imposed on Great Gardens
composting", October 26, 2011 by SOPHIA CHANG, Newsday]


Best regards,Dr. 

Carmine F. Vasile


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