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We tested some Guardian units a couple years ago and you can buy units from Japan. They can and do work. 
But to keep the panes separated when pushed together by 15 psi you need closely (say 4") spaced posts. These tiny posts act as thermal bridges and limit the R-value. 
To date their only benefit is that they can be thin. For less cost and technology we can use multi-pane low e gas technology. 
Until someone comes up with a completely different way of doing this glazing there won't be a break through. 

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How about the concept of vacuum-insulated glass windows?

I agree that vacuum insulated panels are probably mostly specialty items
(shipboard refrigerators; shipping container architecture; maybe some
special retrofits of existing buildings), but vacuum-insulated glass
windows could be another thing entirely.  Instead of using an inert gas
in a double pane window assembly, the intervening space is evacuated.

When I was looking at the concept a few years ago, Guardian was hoping
to have commercial production underway by 2009.  But I haven't heard
much more about it, and as far as I know, no one is making them.

I'm sure that maintaining the vacuum is an issue, but it shouldn't be
insurmountable.  I'm curious if anyone else has heard anything more
about this.

Philip Proefrock

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