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Ok Ok, sweetness and light and good civility required here.  S

On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 4:42 PM, nick pine <nick at early.com> wrote:

> Gennaro Brooks-Church - Eco Brooklyn <info at ecobrooklyn.com> wrote:
>  After building a Passive House in NY I learned it only needed insulation
>> to code - R18. What made it or broke it was how well the 6mil plastic air
>> barrier was sealed. Just a one inch hole in the plastic rendered the house
>> unable to heat with the tiny mini-splits. Seal the hole and you can heat
>> the house with a hair drier.
> Absolute bullshit! Hogwash! Rubbish! Nitwit! Try using actual numbers!
> Frank Tettemer <frank at livingsol.com> wrote:
>  Even having been experimenting and physically working on these questions
>> for over fourty years, it has taken most of a generation of time to cut
> our household's daily energy consumption to two armloads of firewood,
> about a dollar's worth of propane, and two to four kilowatts of
> electricity per day.
> More absolute bullshit... Kilowatts are power, not energy. This list is
> about energy. Learn the difference between power and energy!
> Nick
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