[Greenbuilding] Another Green Myth: Garbage Incinerators Are Green Sources of Energy

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With respect to burning waste to generate power, it's a lot smarter to say
that it depends a lot on the waste being incinerated, and the way that it is
being done.  In general burning municipal waste is in the USA unfeasible,
but there are fuels like waste wood and non-recyclable waste paper that can
be burned cleanly to generate electricity.  And like people using wood to
heat their homes in efficient wood stoves, there are ways to burn clean
wastes (wood, some types of crop residues, waste paper) on a municipal scale
and there are places in Europe where they have several years experience
doing just that under much tougher environmental rules than we have here. 


For some examples check out the Gasification Discussion List, and its web




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Reuben & Gennaro: Here's another Green Myth: Incinerators that generate
power by burning trash should be eligible for state renewable energy
subsidies. See Comment #1 below Re: "State PSC delays vote on incinerators",
By JENNIFER SMITH (Newsday, 11/18/11):

*	Had Jennifer Smith and commission members wanting to know more
before deciding Googled "Title V air permit covanta northport" they would
have found plenty of reasons to support the staff recommendations to reject
Covanta's petition -- like the GreenAction Fact Sheet @
http://greenaction.org/stanislaus/covantafactsheet.shtml, which states: The
Covanta Waste-to-Energy Garbage Incinerator in Crow's Landing Pollutes Our
Air! Stop Toxic Pollution from the Covanta Garbage Incinerator in Crow's




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