[Greenbuilding] Old Nuclear Power Plants? RE: Give Me Your Old, Your Tired, Your Stinky and Energy Inefficient...

Paul Eldridge paul.eldridge at ns.sympatico.ca
Sun Aug 12 18:11:27 CDT 2012

Perhaps, but I'd rather not have to check my BlackBerry ten or twenty 
times a day to determine the precise time to start my dishwasher or to 
throw a load of laundry into the washer, only to spend the rest of the 
evening second-guessing my decision or cursing my fate if I should 
choose poorly.  With a clock-based system, I know exactly when to 
schedule my high consumption activities and my appliances already have a 
time delay feature that facilitates this quite well.

In addition, the billing is much easier to comprehend; when I get my 
statement, it shows that X number of kWh were consumed on-peak, Y during 
mid-peak and Z off-peak; residential billing based on real-time pricing 
would seem much more unwieldy, especially if it should involve any 
number of potential price points and time slices.  Simple is better.


 >On 8/12/2012 12:53 PM, Paul Eldridge wrote:
 >> FWIW, Nova Scotia Power's on-peak rate is currently 16.435-cents per kWh
 >> and that kicks in as of 07h00 each weekday morning between December 1st
 >> and February 28th; for the remainder of the year, the on-peak rate is
 >> 12.638-cents.
 >It seems to me, that instead of having set times and prices for peak
 >times, and trying to regulate technology (which changes much faster than
 >regulations), I would be better off if they used those smart meters that
 >we paid through the nose for, to broadcast the instantaneous price.
 >Then I could change my patterns on an instantaneous basis rather than
 >responding to year old (at least) regulations and predictions about
 >usage patterns.
 >Thank You Kindly,

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