[Greenbuilding] "AIR TIGHT" wood stove

John Salmen terrain at shaw.ca
Mon Aug 27 17:12:11 CDT 2012

It is achievable to some degree as many types of small industrial furnaces
and kilns are 'air tight'. A cast iron woodstove refitted with industrial
high temp gaskets, sealed air supply and sealed insulated chimney. I don't
see the need for the chimney damper if its fully isolated - damper on the
air supply might be useful as long as its opened. Seals would have to be
replaced frequently to maintain it as airtite.  How is the pressure balance
in a passive house described and maintained?


Might be simpler to put it outside on the deck.


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is there such a thing as a truly airtight wood stove?  how about an airtight
chimney damper?  I mean like passive house air tight...

(I know, I know, these people are going to roast their kneecaps off, running
a wood stove in a superinsulated house...)

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