[Greenbuilding] Comparison Energy Modelling Software

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In addition to Douglas' rather cryptic response, here's a link where you can
find a lot of information on various building energy modeling tools (not
sure how I got that in my "bookmarks", maybe I Googled it  :-)


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Mr. Stuart Fix,
If you remember Academic Physics in particular physics presented in
association with branches of architecture and engineering. Equations such as
Bernoulli's fluid dynamics, Newton's laws on thermodynamics, or the
slenderness ratio Kl/r that determines lateral movement in a steel column,
and other classic academic plinths meant to hold thing together. Then you
can synthesize that which is presented on Google for the sake of well
intended methods and programs developed to solve complex mechanical,
electrical, plumbing, HVAC, Civil, Architectural and Lighting and now
Sustainable "Green" Design issues under to guise of academics.
Besides, there are different types of research. When your on the job one
should never peer upon the glitter of a pretty page for the sake of solving
a gritty issue. One must wade beyond, flip the page and read on. The
findings can be fascinating. One often finds that solutions gleaned from
hybrid programs substantiate the classics that are still being relied upon
even on Google. But, first one must know what one is looking at to determine
its functional use and that..., "The good in the goods of life deserve
knowledge of their appropriate use." Else wise Google, classical physics and
the practical understanding of nature are useless merits.
They are tools meant to make life a little simpler. If that's possible.
Douglas E Lamb
Design Technics
Certified Sustainable Facilities Design, Planning, Programming and
tele: 614.323.2005
dlamb at designtechnics.net


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