[Greenbuilding] Dessiccant Potential

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Hello Eli and all,

I have just this week worked with desiccant systems for drying out a large building (32 unit 3 story slab on grade) after a fire took the end 6 units off. The water (and subsequent mould) was from the fire departments successful efforts to save the building. 

I would consider looking into a local large loss commercial drying company for information that would be useful for desiccant calculations. These folks eat sleep and work with this type of equipment and would be fluent in numbers, values, and would be able to cover a ton of ground in a short period of time, all for a small token of respect, I would suggest, of their valuable and useful time you would know whether this is worth chasing or not. 



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> Since becoming aware of equipment that uses heat to recharge (dehumidify) desiccant, I have been intrigued by the idea of using heat to recharge (dry out) desiccant to be used to adsorb humidity within a space.  
> http://www.iaqsource.com/product.php?p=novel-aire_comfortdry-250&product=173848 shows a unit that uses hot water to recharge the desiccant that could potentially be produced from solar energy.  

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