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I couldn't think of the proper term for monkeying about to garner votes  
for elections ("Pork Barrelling" came to mind but after Googling it turned  
out to be inappropriate ... then "vote fixing" came to mind and one of the  
hits told me
    " The entire political culture of the country is monstrously corrupt  
where finding honesty is akin to seeking the proverbial needle in a  
haystack ..."
Neh-h-h, not sure that's appropriate either.

In any case, some of you may know and/or remember Ann Edminster who was a  
participant in these lists in the Olde Days (ie Greenbuilding and  
Strawbale when it was hosted by CREST).

Back then she was active in the Strawbale community and one of her  
contributions to it was her Master's Thesis (Architecture, Univ. of  
California (Berzerkly), 1995):

               "Investigation of Environmental Impacts: Straw Bale  

    (see:  http://goo.gl/a1sbe )

Ann also designed and typeset Bruce, King of Sausalito's first book

"Buildings of Earth and Straw: Structural Design for Rammed Earth and  
Straw Bale Architecture"

     (see:    http://goo.gl/5w3MP )

Those of you who include the letters "LEED" in your signatures may be  
aware of Ann's
role in the development of "LEED for Homes" for the U.S. Green Building  
Council (Chairwoman).

Those of you who design and/or build homes using stick-frame construction  
may know of the book she co-authoured on the subject for the NRDC:

" Efficient Wood Use in Residential Construction
   A Practical Guide to Saving Wood, Money, and Forests"

(  see:   http://www.nrdc.org/cities/building/rwoodus.asp )

It was shortly after that that the Pacifica Patootie (PP) had a baby and I  
sort of lost touch with her but it seems she got back to writing books  
after getting the jamface on his way in the world, with this one (which I  
haven't seen) :

       "Energy Free: Homes for a Small Planet"

(see:  http://goo.gl/t5BO9     ... which I just did and one of the reviews  
was by Duck Foo'd (aka Mark Piepkorn, a former List Momma for the GB List  
and pal of everyone in the GB and SB communit-E's)

So the other day I learned that Ann was one of three women nominated for  
ACI (Affordable Comfort Inc) "Woman of the Year" Award.


Gee ... I wonder which one to vote for ?  (And of course, you should too.  
Or else. Okay Buddy ?)

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