[Greenbuilding] Broken CFL Bulbs

Clarke Olsen colsen at fairpoint.net
Fri Feb 22 08:18:48 PST 2013

The interest in CFL's has obscured the old problem of what to do with tube fluorescent bulbs, still the most efficient lights.
Who is recycling those?
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On Feb 22, 2013, at 11:07 AM, Eli Talking wrote:

> We have been encouraged to use CFL bulbs to save energy which reduces pollution from the reduced production of power that it would take to feed that same amount of light of incandescent bulbs.  However, the mercury contained within is an environmental threat.  I felt incomplete when there was no way to dispose of burnt out bulbs until Lowe’s starting taking them locally.  However, how should we clean up the inevitable breakage in the home. 
> http://www2.epa.gov/cfl/cleaning-broken-cfl
> describes the EPA’s answer to that. 
> My wife has picked up on this threat and has insisted we return to the inefficient incandescent. 
> Thoughts are appreciated on the response to the threat of broken cfl bulbs. 
> Are LED lights ready to replace the common side lamps? 
> Eli
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