[Greenbuilding] Dehumidification of high end apt?

Robert Scarano Jr arch59 at aol.com
Tue Jul 2 19:17:36 MDT 2013


You forgot about the desicant unit. 

Give it a 140 degree water water loop oFf the building boiler a 50 degree water line from the domestic an 8" exhaust duct to the outside and presto chango no more humidity, odors, dust, particulate, mold, or air born bacteria. 

If they have any outdoor space that's where I would put it. 

Bring them to Bright'n Green and they can see it. 

The quicker version is install an electtric reheat coil in the A/C discharge and lower the operating temperature. Not as effective but will work. 


Send him the article the Dr wrote on the desicant unit and get over to my job. 

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