[Greenbuilding] One more question on AC

Lynelle Hamilton lynelle at kos.net
Mon Jul 8 08:47:24 MDT 2013

Can I run AC through the HRV ducting I already have?  I don't like the 
look or noise of mini splits, so am looking for any other option.  My 
HVAC guy says that an AC unit will freeze up, as the HRV ducts are too 
small.  I did have one run through similar HRV ducts in my old home 
without problem, however.

Does anyone have any experience with such a configuration?  I've 
googled, but came up empty.

Should add that I don't need much cooling....it's the humidity that's 
the problem.  House is well insulated and sealed. However, I'm on the 
water so humidity gets to 80% in the house unless I run a dehumidifier. 
Running it raises the heat in the house 8F and doubles my hydro 
bill--hardly green.

Many thanks!

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we decide to do with the opportunity that is given to us."--Bernie Siegel/*

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