[Greenbuilding] Power Vent for Solar Air Heater

conservation architect elitalking at rockbridge.net
Wed Sep 18 17:05:27 MDT 2013

Can any on the list recommend a through the wall power vent to achieve active flow in air heater.    If not satisfied with the production, I will remove and reuse the materials.  I would like it to activate when 80F is achieved that reduces the outward heat losses of increasing to 90F before passive flaps can work. Motorized damper for return air may also be useful.  

I am putting plastic over the parts of the South wall that are not windows.  Because I live on a steep hill in a wooded site, I am not sure about the reduction in solar available.   However, from my South windows, I know that I feel that warmth.  I am framing such that if it proves affective, I can replace plastic with permanent glass when plastic wears out. If it proves not adequately productive, I will dis-assemble materials to repurpose.  

Thanks Eli 
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