[Greenbuilding] Toxic Materials in Roof Runoff

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What worries me about zincalume, or galvalume as it is more commonly called in the US, is that most of it has an acrylic coating containing chromium that washes away much more quickly than the alloyed elements.


Does glass roofing actually exist? If so, who makes/sells it?


Interesting- thanks for sharing.
I'm surprised by the "zincalume" run-off: I've used this and similar products 
under the assumption they were quite benign. Good to know.

Chris Koehn
Vancouver Island

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> since they collected samples in stainless steel pots, I'm inclined to  
> think stainless steel roofing is the least toxic choice. Anyone agree or  
> disagree?

Yes, I disagree.

Glass roofing would be the least toxic choice. It's chemically inert and  
lasts forever.

As for the study, although I didn't have a real close look at it, from  
what I did see, it struck me as being one that I'd not be inclined to lend  
much credence to.

I can't help but have the suspicion that the study was bought and paid for  
by stakeholders who have something to lose by the increasing market share  
that metal roofing is taking away from ... well, you know.

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