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Hi Sacie,


Check the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild’s Green Pages:  http://www.ecobuilding.org/gp  Our organization has a lot of professionals that understand deep green retrofits.


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I'm interested in the same question for Seattle.  We actually have engaged a roofer to put a metal shingle roof on an existing house (tearing off old asphalt) but I have no idea what insulation exists underneath.  Suspect nothing.  

Suggestions welcome, both for insulators in the Seattle (Ballard) area and for what they do.  No idea how deep the rafters are but area covers only a kitchen and bathroom.

thanks, Sacie


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Hi all,

I am hoping someone can direct me to a roofer in the NY/CT/NJ tri-state area (actual job in Mt. Vernon, NY) who has actually heard of applying insulation when you re-roof.  Every roofer I can find looks at me cross-eyed when I mention "deep energy retrofit" or anything other than just slapping down asphalt shingles on plywood.
I need to re-roof a 30'x30' 1926 colonial asap but want to take advantage of the opportunity to apply some insulation.  I am using the Building Science Inc. builders guide as a blue print.

Are there any good roofers out there?

Thanks for your consideration,
In frustration.

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