[Greenbuilding] BuildingEnergy 15 is a week away in Boston

Stephen Dotson sdotson at nesea.org
Mon Feb 23 14:50:01 MST 2015

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BuildingEnergy 15:

Where the only BS you'll find is good Building Science.

Or if you’d like a more “buttoned-up” tagline,

Knowledge, experience, community : BuildingEnergy 15

The BuildingEnergy 15 Conference & Tradeshow
<http://nesea.org/conference/buildingenergy-15> from March 3rd - 5th, in
Boston, MA is the Northeast's premier gathering for sustainable design,
high performance building, and renewable energy professionals. Produced by
volunteer members of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA)
<http://nesea.org/about>, 3,500+ gather to discuss sustainability in the
built environment. Attendees span all sectors of the building & energy
industries so you can ask tough questions, get honest answers, and
strengthen your practice. Up to 20 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
available. Click here for more information.

*For a preview of the content at the conference and what it has to offer
various A/E/C professionals, consider reading some of these blogs from
master building scientists about their upcoming sessions:*


   Karl Rabago (writing on the Keynote): Rethinking the Grid

   Fred Unger (writing on the Keynote session): How Our Changing Electrical
   System Will Impact the Ways we Produce, Distribute, and Use Energy

   Alex Wilson: NESEA Conferences Through the Years

   Matt Root: Content Curation at BuildingEnergy - How a Volunteer-Driven
   High Performance Building Conference is Made

   Matt Root - Energy Recovery Ventilators in Multifamily Buildings: Does
   Location Matter?

   Andrea Love: All-glass buildings: is efficiency possible?

   Rachel White: LED-ing the Revolution - A Conversation with Fred Davis,
   Brian Chemel and George Woodbury about the savings potential with smart
   lighting systems.

   Nadav Malin’s Top Three Reasons to Get Yourself to BuildingEnergy 15

   Ann Edminster: The Energy Holy Grail: What's Really in the way of
   achieving Net Zero

   Marc Rosenbaum’s Tour of BuildingEnergy15 & the Net Zero Leadership

   Kevin Ireton's interview with Katrin Klingenberg on new Passive House

   Kevin Ireton’s hilarious interview of moisture expert Terry Brennan.

   Rachel White’s interview Barun Singh of WegoWise

   Rachel White’s conversation with speakers in the sessions Robert Leaver
   curated (cities/communities)

   Robert Leaver - Unfolding Community Resilience

   Lessons from Scandinavia:
   photo essay previewing a BE15 session with Andy Shapiro, Thomas Hartman,
   Paul Eldrenkamp, Heather Nolen, and Chris Benedict.

   Paul Eldrenkamp: Terry Brennan’s “H2-Uh-Oh: Moisture Risks and How to
   Manage Them.”

   Marc Sternick: BuildingEnergy 15: Why Even Bother?

   Hannah Durschlag: BuildingEnergy 15: Thought-provoking, both practical
   and technical in nature

   Adelaide Grady: A Developer’s Perspective on BuildingEnergy

   Dave Orsman: CET Online - An Exhibitor’s Perspective on the
   BuildingEnergy 15 Trade Show

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