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Thanks Allison for doing the thankless chore that you do, facilitating  
these lists.

Just a ran-dumb thought:

How difficult would it be to combine all of the discussion lists into one  
and have it operate in a similar fashion to Facebook ?

As you've noted, the traffic on most of the groups has diminished to the  
point of being non-existent on some and I can't help but think that part  
of the reason is the email format .

Whereas in the Olde Days of the lists during the previous millennium when  
CREST was the sponsor, subscribers didn't seem to mind receiving 30 or  
more messages per day from each of the CREST discussion groups to which  
they were subscribed  (and it wasn't unusual for someone to be subscribed  
to multiple CREST-run lists ) ... and some great discussion threads ensued  

Back then,  people somehow managed to find the time to compose thoughtful,  
informative, fact-filled messages with word counts running into the  

  ie I remember a thread where Marc Rosenbaum was telling us about the  
debate he had (at an engineers convention (ASES ?) in Florida )with one of  
the principals of the Scandinavian architectural firm  Gaia Lista who were  
big proponents of the notion of air/vapour-open "breathing" envelopes and  
Marc had the Guy from Gaia conceding that the facts didn't support the  

Today in 2016,  rarely if ever, would anyone take the time to do that  

It's not that people don't want to talk in 2016 . I just think that they  
don't want to do it via single-topic email listservers anymore.

If RateItGreen were to set up something like Facebook where  
multi-disciplinary discussions could be carried out at a website (if  
that's what a Facebook page is ... I'm thinking of something like the  
Facebook pages that newspapers run where there might be dozens of  
different stories on any given day ) and people could quickly scan through  
the topics and select ones that they want to expand and perhaps  
participate in,  that format may see more participation than what's  
happening on lists like this one these days.

And perhaps that format would allow selective advertising in the sidebars  
to help with finances. ie I wouldn't have a problem looking at advertising  
 from companies that provide Green products and services so long as those  
companies were carefully screened so as to minimise the opportunities for  

PS: I've copied Allison directly on this message just in case the  
listserver software does what it seems to have been doing to all of my  
messages lately, sending out a null message with  the original as a file  
attachment .

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Rob Tom T6015O
Kanata, Ontario, Canada

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