[Greenbuilding] EPA literally wants you to DIE from radiation: Agency raising the limit of radioactive elements in drinking water by over 3, 000 times... to cause widespread cancer and death - NaturalNews.com

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http://www.naturalnews.com/054537_radiation_in_water_EPA_limits_radioactive_elements.html exposes EPA ongoing corruption that has prevailed since 1976, when the first corrupt EPA Administrator excluded Radon-222 & U-238 from the Safe Drinking Water Act. If you care about your children, you will forward the email below to your State & Federal representatives:

Lisa M. Christ, Standards and Risk                                                 Email Sent 12/19/16; uploaded to:
Management Division,                                                                     www.gfxtechnology.com/PAG.pdf<http://www.gfxtechnology.com/PAG.pdf>
Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water,
Mail Code 4607M,
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,
1200 Pennsylvania
Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20460
(202) 564-8354; fax (202) 564-3758;
Email: christ.lisa at epa.gov.

Correction to "Draft Protective Action Guide (PAG) for Drinking Water After a Radiological Incident"
(Federal Register Volume 81, Number 112 (Friday, June 10, 2016), Pages 37589-37592 @ https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2016-06-10/html/2016-13786.htm)

Dear Ms. Christ: Please take notice that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has no MCLs for radionuclides dissolved in bottled water, as discussed in "Measurement of Radon-222 and Lead-210 in Bottled Spring Water" by Timothy A. DeVol, John P. Clements and Lara D. Hughes, Environmental Engineering & Science Department, Clemson University (http://info.ngwa.org/GWOL/pdf/070580714.pdf)
        Its Table 1 (Summary of previously reported NORM levels in bottled drinking water.) indicates the FDA has been permitting the sale of radioactive water, bottled in America and other countries, that contained between 2.19 & 59.05 pCi/L of Radium-226. Such water could deliver radiation doses ranging from 13.7 to 369 mrem/yr, according to "Health-Based Radionuclide Concentrations in Drinking Water and Air", Argonne National Laboratory, EVS Human Health Fact Sheet, March 2007.
        Accordingly, and for additional reasons set forth in my Objection below, please delete the following section from paragraph C on pg. 37590, entitled "What is the PAG Manual: Protective Action Guides and Planning Guidance for Radiological Incidents?"
*         "The proposed PAG is designed to work in concert with the other Protective Action Guides currently in place for other media in the intermediate phase (i.e., the Food and Drug Administration's 500 mrem PAG for ingestion of food) and provides an additional level of protection for the most sensitive life stages."

        After deleting this erroneous paragraph, please re-open the comment period and add the revised Objection from www.gfxtechnology.com/PAG.pdf<http://www.gfxtechnology.com/PAG.pdf> to a new set of comments, based on the fact that the FDA has never acted to protect the American people from being poisoned by radioactive water.

Yours truly,
Dr Carmine F. Vasile
B.S.E.E., M.S. & Ph.D. Electrophysics
60 Herbert Circle
Patchogue, NY 11772

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