[Greenbuilding] Heat Pump HWS - How Safe is the Water?

Nick Pyner npyner at ihug.com.au
Tue May 10 02:01:53 MDT 2016

To stir this old pot for a bit longer..........

I picked up further information from Maurice Walsh about safety of water 
stored in hot water tanks, particularly concerning Radon.  This further 
to  his report"Radioactivity in drinking water supplies in Western 

Is it safe to store water in hot water tanks?

Yes. However, from a radiological point of view, it really depends upon 
the amount of radioactive elements that are in the incoming water 
source, i.e. radium isotopes. Radon-222 (a radioactive gas and progeny 
of radium-226) is believed to be released mainly in the bathroom when 
water is released from shower roses. Thus *if* the water source has a 
high in radium-226 content then the radon-222 released may be high as 
well. Thus *if *hot water for the household is not stored within tanks 
and the water is heated via an instantaneous hot water unit then the 
level of radon-222 could be the at the same level as water stored within 
tanks. The best way to rid the bathroom of radon and the rest of the 
home is to ventilate – install exhaust fans and open windows. The radium 
isotopes are only harmful if ingested for long periods.

Nick Pyner

Dee Why Beach   NSW
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