[Greenbuilding] Niagara Stealth 0.8gpf in commercial locations?

Stephen Collette stephen at yourhealthyhouse.ca
Sun May 15 13:16:46 MDT 2016

Hi Reuben and folks,

I’ve spec’d lots of toilets for faith communities and I like what I see in this one. The right height is key, as is the single button flush. Dual flush confuses and scares many older people not on the green/environmental bandwagon. It’s a big deal in churches, as I’ve found out. Single flush, solid finished trapways and you are in good shape. 

I can’t speak to the performance per se of this unit, but their others have performed pretty well in my personal experience. 

I would also recommend that if you are putting something like this in a faith building to figure out the ballpark water savings per day/year and have them make up a sign promoting the savings on $, the savings on the environment and that they care about stewardship. Many decisions like this in places like that go unnoticed by the majority of the folks who attend. Let them know that the decision makers care about the planet, and make everyone feel good about your role and helping them get there.



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> I'm curious if anyone on this list has experience with these toilets in
> high use locations? I've installed them in residences and rentals and have
> only heard good reviews, but now I'm working with a former church that is
> becoming a community center which has ten toilets that are nothing special
> and some don't work satisfactorily. They got a spike in their last
> quarterly water bill and were spooked, which is where I come in. My
> temptation is to buy a bunch of these very low flush volume toilets and
> swap them in for the others, but I wanted to check first if there are any
> reasons not to go with this model, any bad or mixed reviews. Or perhaps any
> discussion forums that are more specific to this subject any of you could
> point me to?
> Thanks very much.
> Reuben

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