[Stoves] New type of sawdust stove in Gambia

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Wed Aug 10 14:45:23 PDT 2011

The sawdust combustion chamber in your case but briquettes in my example. When I was burning tall briquettes with an enlarged internal hole (±40 mm) I found that notches (4 or so) allowed in air in the base of the briquette which cleaned up combustion in the "mini combustion chamber". There is a report on it somewhere done by Owen McDougal  I'll try and find it in the morning.  

>Hi Kobus, I don't think i fully understand this - so the holes go through the briquette or the combustion chamber? I was more interested to use a help of wood than just preheated air. I've tried to drill air-holes from the side of the stove before and it probably helped a bit, but not significantly. You have any experiences on this?
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