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Dear Paul

>...Those stoves only got that TLUD name in 2005, and were first named
"Top-Lit UpDraft" in 2004 in the Anderson-Reed document at the LAMNET
conference - found at the Stoves  
website).  From 1985 to 2005 Reed called the technology IDD, for    
Inverted DownDraft.)

I am sure you are also aware that the natural draft TLUD method was being
promoted at the municipal government level as the traditional smoke limiting
method for the standard highveld mbaula quite some time ago.

I have no idea how far back the technique goes, but it was called 'lighting
it like grandma does' which gives you a hint.

I have attached a picture of an mbaula being lit using the technique,
including the draft inducing upper pipe which both speeds the fire's
development but also reduces smoke dramatically. It accomplishes the same
things as adding a fan underneath with the added advantage of pulling air
into the secondary air holes - something more difficult to achieve with a

The grate is about half-way up the lower can and the coal is on top. When
the flaming pyrolysis is completed the top 'pipe' is removed. Tests by Vinny
and James at the SeTAR Centre show about an 85-90% reduction in PM2.5.

Maybe John Davies knows how long ago this style of TLUD ignition (and
cooking) was used. As it is also called the 'Scotch method' it is likely to
go back to England in the 1700's and was imported during the emigration boom

I have a colour photo of Fig 3 from Marlett's paper linked above if anyone
want to see the fire more clearly.


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