[Stoves] Stove terminology

Boll, Martin Dr. boll.bn at t-online.de
Tue Aug 30 14:59:25 PDT 2011


Dear  Crispin,




This stove first starts bottom lit natural draft earth to sky. 

When burning: draft is changed sky to earth.

When refuelled -While burning- draft for that moment earth to sky. When
refuelled and stove is closed again, then again draft sky to earth


That is like your coal-stove, only the draft-direction is changed and not
the burning-chamber turned.

- that is only possible, because the burning-chamber is airtight; difficult
to do with low-tech-stoves.




I don't really know the DDs and UDs by heart 

-  Even sometime thinking DD as Donald Duck :-)  -






P.S. For some days offline








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