[Stoves] FW: Where is the Stove Comparison

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Hi All,

I posted the attachments to the Biomass Cooking Stoves web site: http://www.bioenergylists.org/en/content/stoves-comparisons
as attachments to the story on that page.

So if you are visiting it from the home page,  (http://www.bioenergylists.org) click on the story title to get the story page and be able to download the attached files. 

(There has been a lot of online virus activity floating around in email this spring - and while I've tried to preserve the functionality on the list, it wouldn't surprise me if there is an attachment filter in effect again. I'll have to check when I get into the office tomorrow - i'm home and have limited access). 

Happy June 1,
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Here they are.

Were there files attached to your response?  I did not see any.


On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 6:33 PM, Crispin Pemberton-Pigott <
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> Dear Jan
> Thanks for the reminder. It is not a large file.
> It is a spreadsheet and a PDF with explanations and caveats. There 
> could always be more. Testing stoves is a messy business.
> So, don't read too much into any particular test, though they were 
> chose to be representative of the technologies involved. It is 
> expected that during the next three years we will make improvements on 
> all of them. The ignition of the stoves involves 'technique' and as 
> those skills are developed and transferred, we expect even better
> You will see that two classes of stove, TLUD and Crossdraft, are 
> consistently performing well no makes who makes it. I have not been 
> making downdraft stoves for this market but will do so from July. That 
> will bring in another strong contender into the 99% reduction class.
> It is not clearly stated that the stoves are developed for a 
> particular fuel (lignite from Nalaikh Mine). They can be adapted to 
> any fuel as far as I understand things. We are going to try goat dung 
> during the coming year.
> Dung burners: don't forget we are going to work out something for 
> Central Asia!
> Regards
> Crispin
> +++++++++
> Crispin,
> During March you said that a stove comparison of 17 different stoves 
> falling into one of the following four stove types was about to be
> issued:
> Traditional bottom lit updraft
> Crossdraft
> Top lit updraft
> Bottom lit downdraft
> I haven't seen it anywhere.  Can you tell me when it is going to be 
> issued, or, if it already has been, where I can find it?
> Jan Bianchi

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