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Thanks. This reminds me of one of our favorite brandy drinks from New
Orleans called "Orange Brûlot"


1 orange

1 pony cognac brandy ( a pony glass holds one ounce, 30 cc)

1 lump sugar


                Take an orange and lightly slit the peel horizontally
through the middle, then turn the rind back and upward to form a cup. Repeat
with the other half of rind, reversing the process to form a  base. Be
careful not to disengage the peel from either end of the orange, and leave
the stripped orange pulp intact for the center standard of your natural


                In the upper part of the orange rind or cup place a lump of
sugar, then pour in the pony of brandy. Set off with a match and stir while
the sugar is dissolving in the blue flame. 


                Preparing this natural container takes practice and
deftness, and the idea of burning the brandy in the orange rind is for the
sake of the flavor of the oil contained in the peel besides making a picture
that charms with its novelty. The fruit of the orange is delightful to eat
after the brandy has been burned and the drink quaffed. 

("Famous New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix 'em", Stanley Clisby Arthur,





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Dear Tom


They have a really high oil content – highly flammable. You can demonstrate
this be taking a piece of orange peel and gently bending it into a ‘U’
backwards, that is with the white pith on the outside. Aim it at a candle.
Squeeze the U closed so that the oil shoots out of the little round
reservoirs on the orange, outside surface. The oil will ignite in the flame.


They hold a lot of water. They are likely to gasify at a low average
temperature because of the volatility of the oils.






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I've had an inquiry from Southern Africa about orange peels. Does anyone
have experience carbonizing or gasifying orange peels? 


Do the burn in a TLUD? 


Do they make gas in an ARTI style compact digester?


Can you char them? ( If you can char an apple or a pizza I guess you can
char an orange.) 

Tom Miles





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