[Stoves] Anticipating future markets for stoves and fuels

Crispin Pemberton-Pigott crispinpigott at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 08:17:39 PDT 2011

Dear Jeff

Hey! One man's weed is another man's flower. 

If we start shipping pelletized weeds all over the place, surely that leads
to plant invasion? Perhaps the safest is to terrify all pellets just to kill
off the pests and heebie-jeebies and hhohhos. [A hhohho is, in Southern
Africa, any multi-legged or winged creature that invokes revulsion or
repulsion. There is a District in Swaziland called the Hhohho District. You
can imagine what that is like there at night...]


Long live weed & wood,


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