[Stoves] Orange Peels

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Yes, according to the EPA. Google "Limonene mosquito"


It appears to be a good natural cleanser:

See "Green Terpene" products http://www.greenterpene.com/




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A bit off-topic, but is the d-limonene in orange peels any good as a mosquito repellent?


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Hi Tom,
I had a tip from Crispin and have used dried orange, mandarine and other citrus peels for starters. When they are well-dried, you note the presence of oils and they burn quite nicely. I have not had enough volume to try running one of my gasifier stoves on them alone, but they work great as a starter-- you can use them in place of starter fluid or paste or the like.



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Betreff: [Stoves] Orange Peels

I've had an inquiry from Southern Africa about orange peels. Does anyone have experience carbonizing or gasifying orange peels?


Do the burn in a TLUD?


Do they make gas in an ARTI style compact digester?


Can you char them? ( If you can char an apple or a pizza I guess you can char an orange.)

Tom Miles






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